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Homeowners love the low maintenance of fiberglass pools

If you are considering adding a pool to your property, then you probably know that there are several pool types to pick from. One of our favorite pool types is fiberglass pools. There are many great benefits of having a fiberglass pool.

1.  Smoother – A fiberglass pool has a smoother surface than a concrete pool. You won’t need to be concerned with sore feet or scratched up knees with a fiberglass pool. You also won’t have to worry about bothersome algae like you do with a concrete pool because you won’t have the rough surface that algae love to cling to.

2. Easy Installation – A fiberglass pool is fairly simple to install. No matter the weather we can install your new pool without concern of temperatures and weather wrinkling or damaging it.

3. Low Maintenance – Homeowners love the low maintenance of fiberglass pools. You won’t need to acid wash it like a concrete pool or replace the liner like with a vinyl liner pool.

4. Salt Chlorine Generator Compatible – If you are interested in using a salt chlorine generator in your pool, then you will definitely want a fiberglass pool. Other pool types are not recommended as they will become damaged.

These are just a few of the reasons we know that you will love your fiberglass pool. Our pool experts at Backyard Paradise and Restoration are professional and experienced in all pool installations. Let’s get your pool planning started now so that you can have your pool installed and ready for enjoyment this summer. Give us a call today to discuss your future backyard plans.