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4 Tips for Cost-Effective Pool Resurfacing

Pool resurfacing can breathe life into an otherwise lifeless pool. If your backyard oasis has become more of a backyard eyesore, resurfacing your pool can revitalize the entire outdoor space. If you’re looking to resurface on a budget, here are our 4 cost-effective tips for pool resurfacing:

  1. The sooner, the better. As with most maintenance projects, the more proactive you can be, the better. Addressing your pool resurfacing project early will help prevent the structural issues caused by significant cracks and other surface wear and tear.
  2. Investigate your materials. Depending on your pool type, you may be able to select from a few different resurfacing options. For example, concrete, gunite, and fiberglass pools can all be painted for a quick and economical finish that will seal up any minor cracks, but it won’t last as long as plaster or aggregate finishes.
  3. Tile wisely. Tile is the most expensive pool resurfacing material, but it is also highly versatile and attractive. If you don’t have the budget to fully tile your pool, but you love the look, you can splurge on tiling just the area above the water line and go with a more economical choice below.
  4. Make the most of pool services. Many pool companies will work with you if you hire them to do several maintenance services at the same time. If your pool needs resurfacing along with new lighting, decking, or equipment, bundle them together in the same project.

If your pool needs resurfacing, give our team at Backyard Paradise and Restoration a call. We’ll go over your options and help you make the right choice for your pool and budget.