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Backyard Outdoor Kitchen

Creating a backyard outdoor kitchen can take your outdoor living space from okay to gourmet. Many cultures embrace preparing and dining on meals together outdoors. At Backyard Paradise and Restoration, we can design and install a backyard outdoor kitchen that will rival any indoor kitchen.

Here are five elements you may want to have in your design:

  1. A Grilling Station That Thrills- The cornerstone of any outdoor kitchen is a quality grilling station. You’ll want a high-quality, low-maintenance grill with multiple burners, a large cooking surface, and features such as a rotisserie, side burner, and built-in thermometer.
  2. A Place to Cool Your Food and Drinks- An outdoor refrigerator, wine fridge, and icemaker can be a game changer for your backyard kitchen. Not only do they keep food and drinks fresh and at the right temperature, but they also make entertaining a breeze. You won’t have people going in and out of the house, letting in bugs and tracking in dirt.
  3. A Food Prep Area Is a Must- As with any kitchen, you’ll need space to chop, slice, mix, and prep food. Choose a durable surface such as granite or concrete for counters. Consider adding sink and storage options for your cooking and serving needs.
  4. You Need a Dining Space That Delights- Although it isn’t directly involved with the cooking, the dining space is integral to your outdoor kitchen. It provides a place to gather and enjoy the meal you just prepared. Choose comfortable chairs and a sturdy dining table large enough for a crowd. You might want to add an umbrella or pergola for shade.
  5. Cooking Utensils and Equipment for the Complete Kitchen- Finally, invest in high-quality pots, pans, tongs, spatulas, and other outdoor cooking items. These will make your backyard outdoor kitchen functional and act as finishing touches.