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7 Pool Landscaping Trends We Love

Pool landscaping is your opportunity to turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis. No matter your budget or space, the right greenery can transform any yard into a backyard paradise. Here are 7 pool landscaping trends we love:

  1. Lush landscapes – If prim and trim isn’t your style, go overboard on a lush garden around your pool. We love this artfully ostentatious look that transforms your backyard pool into a whimsical lagoon.
  2. Xeriscaping – Referring to intentional landscaping that conserves water, xeriscaping doesn’t need to equal a dirt-laden wasteland. There are endless ways to weave boulders, pavers, and drought-tolerant plants into a beautiful landscape around your pool that requires little upkeep.
  3. Elegant hedging – A well-manicured lawn with crisp hedges is always in style. Create natural pathways around your yard and enhance its privacy with strategic hedges.
  4. Asian inspiration – Transform your backyard into a serene space for meditation and relaxation by bringing in Asian-inspired elements such as bamboo, Japanese maples, and clean, minimalist pavers.
  5. Water-feature focused – Splurge on a beautiful fountain or waterfall as the centerpiece for your backyard oasis. Placing it as an independent fixture or as an addition to your pool is up to you.
  6. Hardscaping – Backyard pool landscaping can be just as much about functionality as aesthetics. Whether you’ve been dreaming of an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or expansive patio, hardscaping your space combines beauty with practicality.
  7. Minimalist magic – Keeping it simple is always in style. Working with the natural elements of your yard and bringing in just a few finishing touches creates an effortless, yet beautiful landscape.