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pool repair
There are two ways to go when winter rolls around to keep your pool safe and to avoid pool repair. One is to have it winterized and the other is keeping up with appropriate pool maintenance. Your climate may not give you a choice, but if you do decide to keep a pool heater in your pool and keep it running during mild winters, you should understand that at least basic winter service is needed. Even if you had your pool winterized, there are a couple things you should do regularly.

Winterized or not, you should take the time to check your pool regularly throughout the winter. If your pool’s liner has been damaged or a pipe has broken, you won’t have to delay opening your pool if you call for pool repair early. Since late winter is usually a slow period for pool companies, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting quick service, but it could take longer if they’ve gotten started with opening pools for the season. Speaking of which, it doesn’t hurt to get that scheduled too while you are at it.

One of the dangers of keeping your pool running during the winter is that it needs to keep circulating to avoid freezing. If an ice storm or other winter weather knocks out the power for an extended period of time, you could end up with frozen and burst pipes and damaged pool equipment. Be sure to call for pool repair right away so you don’t end up with a flood when things thaw out.

If you need emergency pool repair during late winter or any time of the year, give us a call at Backyard Paradise and Restoration. As a professional pool builder, we know how to deal with a variety of issues that can befall your pool during the colder months here in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area. This month is also a great time to start discussing any outdoor renovations you want to start in the months ahead.