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Design Ideas for New Concrete Driveways

If your driveway has seen better days and is littered with cracks and uneven sections, it may be time to consider your design options when it comes to concrete driveways. Your driveway is one of the first things people notice when they come to your home, and a well-designed one can significantly increase the value of your home. There are a number of design options available, and your choice will depend on the type that most improves the look of your property and is the most functional for your needs.

  • Borders. A bordered edge can make your concrete look more finished and add a degree of elegance. Just a six inch border can add dimension when you use a contrasting color or texture.
  • Stamped Concrete Apron. An entire driveway done in stamped concrete can be quite expensive, so an alternative is to add a stamped concrete apron to the first several feet of the driveway. The entrance to your home will look great, and you may even consider an addition of a matching border or a focal point in the center of your driveway to tie it all together.
  • Swirl Pattern With Control Joints. A plain gray driveway does little to add to the curb appeal of any home, and one of the most economical ways to make concrete driveways look more upscale is to plan for unique control joint placement. Control joints are necessary to prevent cracking and buckling and by adding a swirl pattern in the concrete, the large cut squares will appear more custom.
  • Patterns. Concrete engraving tools can be used to make repeating patterns for your entire driveway.
  • Accentuate the Cracks. If your home has a rustic look, the application of concrete stain over your existing driveway can accentuate the cracks, leaving you with a natural appeal.
  • Color. If you decide to have your driveway stamped, be sure to choose colors that will complement your home and landscape. There are a variety of color palettes available including earth tones, shades of gray and even multi-colored. Each has its own unique look and is sure to elevate the look of your property.

There are a lot of design options available when it comes to concrete driveways. If you are ready to upgrade the look of your property and would like more information, please give us a call at Backyard Paradise and Restoration today!