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Fiberglass Pools

Many of our customers know what fiberglass is and what pools are (obviously), but many don’t realize the two make a great combination. Essentially, fiberglass pools are a one-piece structure made completely from fiberglass materials. Comparatively, vinyl pool liners have either plastic or metal wall panels, a grout bottom, and a vinyl layer that covers the walls and the bottom.

Using a mold, fiberglass pools are constructed in a particular shape in a factory setting, which is why with this type of pool, you don’t have quite as many options for customizing the size and shape

After arriving from the factory, this is usually what the installation process for fiberglass pools looks like:

  • The soil from the installation site is excavated by our crew.
  • We set the pool in the ground and level it, so all surfaces are even.
  • The pool’s plumbing and filtration system are installed.
  • We backfill the shell of the pool.
  • We install additional features, like the coping or a pool fence.

The best part about the installation process is that it only takes a few weeks, so you can enjoy your pool sooner instead of staring at an empty hole in the ground for several months. On top of fast installation, fiberglass pools are durable, they don’t require as much maintenance, they’re beautiful, and they’re often compatible with salt water systems.

We’d be happy to answer any and all of your questions about fiberglass pools. Give us a call at Backyard Paradise and Restoration today!