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Fall is a Great Time to Complete Your Concrete Paving Projects

Just as there is a best time of year to plant certain crops or to reseed your lawn, there is an ideal time to complete concrete paving projects. While this timing varies depending on the climate where you live, for most places the best time to complete concrete paving is in the fall. Concrete doesn’t like extreme temperatures, especially when it has just been laid and is trying to cure. The extreme temperatures of summer and winter can interfere with the curing process, causing your concrete to be less durable and solid in the long run.

You may be wondering about the spring as an option for concrete paving. While it is true that spring also has milder temperatures, it is also generally more humid than the fall, which is why fall is the very best choice. The warm days of fall allow the concrete to dry faster and the cool nights complement the process perfectly.

Here at Backyard Paradise and Restoration, we can assist you with all your concrete paving needs. If you are looking to install new concrete walkways, a new concrete patio or even a concrete driveway, we are happy to help you get the best results from your new concrete paving job. We offer smooth concrete, reinforced concrete, stamped concrete and pavers as well. We can complete any necessary grading and compacting to make your space the perfect place to install concrete. We also work with concrete and fiberglass pools and pool decks, as well as backyard kitchens, so if you need help turning your backyard into an oasis, give us a call.