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Fiberglass Pools: Are You Correctly Caring for Yours?

Here in North Carolina, pools are pretty much a way of life. There is simply no better way to escape the sweltering heat and humidity in the summer than by slipping into a cooling and relaxing pool in your own backyard. When it comes to the ins and outs of caring for your fiberglass pool, do you know if you’re doing it correctly? Whether you’re new to owning a pool or have had one for years, here are a few maintenance tips to consider for fiberglass pools:

First things first, mind your “C’s”:

  • Cleaning- Regular cleanings will do wonders for the longevity of your pool. Just like frequent dental cleanings work to keep the gunk away and prevent serious damage to your teeth, frequent pool cleanings can ensure that your pool is always ready for you to take a dip!
  • Cover- If you can’t skim your pool regularly and have trees nearby, you might want to consider a cover for your pool. A pool cover is a great option for anyone who wants an extra layer of protection for their pool, especially for times when you know it won’t be used.
  • Chemicals- The last “C” is perhaps the most important, and that is the way you use chemicals. Different chemical mixtures can be used to keep your pool clean and free of stains, but any imbalance of your pool chemicals can make your swim smelly, grimy, or unhygienic. Make sure you consult an expert about the best chemical mixture for your fiberglass pool.

If you have questions about caring for fiberglass pools, please contact Backyard Paradise and Restoration.