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Has Your Fiberglass Pool Been Winterized Properly?

The end of a swimming season is something that can be difficult for those of us who love to swim. If you are new to pool ownership and are still not quite sure how to finish off your swimming season, then we at Backyard Paradise and Restoration would like to help. We offer a variety of different options when it comes to winterizing pools, including fiberglass pools. Our team would love to assist you with your fiberglass pool care no matter the season, and we want to give you peace of mind that your pool has been winterized properly. Here are a few things that should have been done:

  • Have the pump and filter been drained? This is an essential step. Water left over in these areas can expand when it freezes and create cracks and leaks in the water lines, leading to extensive repairs.
  • Did the heat pump get disconnected properly? Disconnecting the heat pump is something that many people forget to do. Taking care of this will ensure that it is not drawing electricity needlessly throughout the winter.
  • Was the pool water level lowered? As a general rule, we only lower the pool water level to a few inches below the valves and jets. This keeps water out of the lines.
  • Do you have a tight-fitting cover? Keeping your pool covered is critical over the winter. Not only does this ensure it is easier to clean out during the spring, but it keeps your yard space safe during the winter.

If these things were not done – it’s not too late! Be sure to contact our experts today to have it done properly. For more information, please contact us today.