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pool renovationsIf you purchased a home with a pool that you thought you’d love, but are finding out it isn’t really what you wanted, you may be thinking you are stuck with it unless you want to sell and try again. The truth is that it is possible to stay where you are and get the pool you want with professional pool renovations. If your pool isn’t as functional or as visually appealing as you would like, consider these modifications:

  • Change the size, shape and/or depth. Depending on the type of pool you have, pool renovations could change the layout to make it more appealing and useful for you and your family. Your pool can be made deeper or shallower, smaller or larger, or shaped differently to meet your needs.
  • Add features. Pool renovations can also be done to add features, such as waterfalls, fountains, diving boards, and slides. An attached spa, new lighting, and exercise swim jets can be added for more functionality.
  • Appearance upgrades. Ugly pool? That can be resolved with tile and coping upgrades, plaster finish upgrades, resurfacing with resilient color quartz finish, re-plastering, or something different to make your pool look inviting and exciting.
  • Better performance. If maintaining your pool has been a nightmare, consider pool renovations to upgrade the equipment. Consider a salt system, filtration system update or equipment additions.

If you aren’t getting the most from your pool, call us at Backyard Paradise and Restoration. We can completely transform your pool with pool renovations that will turn your “ugly duckling” into a beautiful swan. As full-service pool builders, you gain the years of experience and dedication we’ve put into our work.