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step of your new pool construction

As you begin plans for a new pool construction, there are many details to consider. Luckily for you, our team at Backyard Paradise and Restoration can help you make sure no detail is overlooked and that your pool building experience is stress-free. Here are a few of the decisions you’ll need to make towards the beginning of the new pool construction process:

  1. What type of pool would be best for you? We offer in-ground vinyl pools, concrete, fiberglass pools, and luxury pools. Vinyl pools have a lower upfront cost, but fiberglass pools tend to last a little longer. Luxury pools are a great option if you want a wow factor.
  2. What size/layout do you want? Traditionally pools have been a simple oval or rectangle shape, but our expert team can make your pool design more accommodating to the layout of your yard.
  3. What do you want around your pool? Here at Backyard Paradise and Restoration, we can help you with your pool as well as the surrounding features. Beautiful patio pavers can make your pool look like more of a retreat. A nearby outdoor kitchen is convenient and a great excuse for a party. If you have young children, you may also need to consider what safety features you want in place.
  4. Don’t forget about a pool cover! There are a variety of pool covers, and together we can help you get one that suits your needs and keeps your pool safe from adverse weather.

Here at Backyard Paradise and Restoration, we are committed to providing our customers the best in customer service. We’ll go through each step of your new pool construction with you, always taking the time to answer any questions you have, to make sure you get the backyard paradise of your dreams.