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Although the spring season officially starts in March, it’s understandable that many people still aren’t in the mood for warm-weather activities like swimming. If you are lucky enough to have a pool, though, this might be the perfect time of year to start thinking about how you can make your summer pool experience even better this year.

Improve Your Summer Pool Experience with a Spring Pool Landscaping Project

A great way to make your pool experience truly luxurious is with a pool landscaping project, and starting the process now will give your plants time to flourish by the time you’re ready to break out your bathing suit. We at Backyard Paradise and Restoration can help you create the perfect pool landscape to transform your yard into a true oasis.

When planning a pool landscaping design, there are some things to keep in mind. First, you need to look up plants that are native to, or at least well-suited for, the local environment, as they will need the least amount of care to keep them looking their best. Second, the plants you choose will need to be hardy enough to stand up to splashes of pool water–whether you have a saltwater or chlorine pool, your plants will need to be able to tolerate it. Our team at Backyard Paradise and Restoration can help you with your plant selection to ensure your pool landscape stays lush and green.

Though summer may still feel a long way away, you can start getting ready for it by turning your pool into a personal garden retreat. Call us at Backyard Paradise and Restoration if you want to start planting a luxurious pool landscape.