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pool coversAll pool owners know that pool maintenance is an important piece of being able to fully enjoy your pool throughout the season and years.  One important protecting feature of pools that needs our watchful care and maintenance are pool covers.  Pool covers are often overlooked until they are in a state of disrepair. But no one need let it get that far.  Here are a few simple tips to help you care for your pool covers.

First, water levels.  If water levels are too low, this can create a greater sag in the cover, causing strain on the cover itself, and on the system over time.  Make sure that waters are just around mid-skimmer levels.  If water is too high, it can be bad for the system.  But water levels that are too low mean that the cover cannot rest on the water if weighed down by rain or debris after a storm, causing that undue stress and wear on the cover.

This leads to the second maintenance tip for your pool cover, namely, remove standing water or debris from the top of your cover when it is in use.  Again, this puts strain on the cover and its system.  Dirt and debris, if left unchecked on the cover, can also lead to mold and bacteria growth.  If dry, a leaf blower can often do the job of easily removing the collected debris.  However, wet debris or puddles after a strong rain might need a large push-broom to get them off the top of your cover.  After taking care of the easily removed debris and dirt, any remaining dirt left on the cover can be sprayed off with a hose and mild cleansing solution to ward off mold development.

If you follow these simple preventative measures and regular maintenance, you’ll be increasing the life of you pool cover.  You’ll also be helping to protect your pool, and that is an investment worth maintaining.  If you’d like more information or help regarding maintenance and repair of pool covers, give us a call at Backyard Paradise and Restoration.