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pool buildingPlanning a new swimming pool for your home is an exciting time. You look forward to the summer heat respite, pool-side entertaining, water games, hydrotherapy, and all the other benefits that pool building will provide. In order to gain those benefits, however, one question will need to be addressed – what pool depth is ideal for your needs?

To answer that question, you’ll need to consider what activities you anticipate, what your budget for pool building is, and future maintenance costs. You may decide that one depth across is what you need or go for multiple depths so more variety can be achieved. Your pool building company can provide you with insight as to how depth affects price and how much water would be involved so you can calculate chemical usage and other maintenance costs. The rest of the decision is choosing the depth or depths that match how you’ll use the pool.

If you plan to have children using the pool quite a bit, you might want to consider an area that is 3’ or less. General swimming for others will require at least 3.5’ to achieve full range of motion. If you plan to enjoy recreational activities, such as water volleyball or basketball, you’ll want to stay in the 3.5’ to 4’ range so all players can maneuver easily. A multiple depth pool isn’t ideal for this use as it puts one side at a disadvantage as they are in deeper water. If you’ll be doing a fair amount of jumping in feet first, you’ll need 4’ to do so safely. Diving head first requires 9’ or more. A multiple depth pool can give more options and you can separate the areas by going with an L-shape or other configuration.

When you call us at Backyard Paradise and Restoration to discuss pool building, we take the time to address all the aspects, including pool depth, so that you can get results that suit your needs and budget. We go over sizes, features, and other considerations so you can choose those aspects that mean the most to you and your family. We can also help you renovate a current pool by changing its depth to work better for you. Contact us today to learn more.