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pool landscaping
Pools are fun, and with our backyards now becoming more like an extension of our homes, we may be seeing more of those outdoor water features, even when our pools aren’t being utilized.  Beyond the pool itself, the pool landscaping—such as deck, patio, surrounding plants, or other water features—can say a lot about its intended use, and can make our spaces far more inviting.  Here are a few things to consider when designing your pool landscaping.

First, what is the feel you want to go for?  If this is meant to be part of a large outdoor gathering space for young and old, consider the types of seating you want and leave ample room for lounging and sunbathing.  Built-in seat walls curving around the back edge of one side of the pool deck add a beautiful backdrop and provide functionality.  They can also be built up as planters to add height and color contrast to your yard, while providing beautiful seating options without too many bulky chairs.

Other options to consider adding into your design for a yard for hosting might be things like a raised fire pit for those late night gatherings, or a small bar or kitchen area for your patio.  If you’d like to keep these areas of your space distinct, try connecting the patio and your pool deck with a small, meandering stone pathway, rather than a flush connection, or perhaps a small footbridge over a dry creek design to separate the spaces while maintaining a charming connection between the two.   Your landscaping can easily be used to also create a greater sense of privacy.  If this is your aim, wall seats and tall planters along with flowering shrubs and small trees can create a sense of seclusion and calm away from the crowd.  Consider creating a wide patio space for a hammock to be set or hung to finish off this relaxing home oasis.

Whatever your tastes and preferences of purpose and design, we have a team of skilled craftsmen at Backyard Paradise and Restoration who can help you use your pool landscaping to truly enhance your backyard space, making it the spot you’ll just never want to leave.