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Pool Re-Plastering: Everything You Need to Know

Your pool is the focal point of your backyard. It sees a lot of use and you want to keep it looking and feeling nice. If you start to notice that the bottom of your pool is feeling rough, then it is probably time for pool re-plastering. Pool re-plastering involves putting a new layer of plaster over your pool. Pool re-plastering will keep your pool looking and feeling like new. It will help to keep your swimmers safe and enjoying your pool for many more summers.

When you had your pool first installed, the installers most likely put a layer of concrete down over your pool. This layer is porous and over time your pool water will slowly leak out. To prevent this from happening, a layer of plaster is put down to make it watertight. This layer of plaster also provides your pool with a beautiful smooth and shiny surface.

Over time the plaster on your pool’s surface will start to disintegrate. If you feel like it is time for pool re-plastering, then here is what you can expect during the re-plastering process.

  • Your pool will be emptied and sanded.
  • An acid wash will be applied and dried.
  • A bond coat will be applied and then dried.
  • Two layers of plaster will be applied to the bottom and sides of your pool.
  • Several layers of pool paint will be applied.
  • Once dry, your pool will be refilled.

Pool re-plastering takes time and patience. We highly recommend hiring a company like Backyard Paradise and Restoration to professionally re-plaster your pool during the fall or winter months. It will save you time, energy, and the potential of doing it wrong and having to start over or deal with a leaky pool.