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Pool Resurfacing: 5 Signs It Needs to Be Done

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you may be wondering what the appropriate timeline is when it comes to pool resurfacing. There are several typical signs that indicate your pool is starting to show signs of wear and will need to be resurfaced soon.

  • Cracks. Cracks that look like eggshell cracks become more noticeable over time as the plaster expands and contracts with temperature changes. If the crack gets large enough, it could end up leaking and require portions of your pool to need rebuilding.
  • Discoloration. Over time, your pool may become bleached out from the sun, and the most noticeable area will be near the top steps. Once fading has begun, there is no way to stop it or make repairs, and in order for your pool to look its best, pool resurfacing will need to be done.
  • Rough Surface. When your pool was new, the surface was smooth to the touch, but over time, chemicals can eat away at the surface or leave calcium deposits that feel like sandpaper.
  • Surface Stains. With age, the surface of your pool can become stained from calcium, copper and salt. In order to keep your pool looking fresh and clean, pool resurfacing will be necessary.
  • Peeling or Flaking. Pool water that has continually had low pH or low calcium levels can cause the plaster to peel or flake, and once this begins, there is no way to repair it.

If you have noticed any of these tell-tale signs that your swimming pool will soon need to be resurfaced, please give us a call at Backyard Paradise and Restoration today!