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start making plans for your new pool and pool landscaping

Once you’ve decided you want a pool, usually you start to plan how you want the pool to look, but it’s important to not forget about the rest of your yard. The area surrounding your pool plays an important role in the enjoyment you’ll get from your little oasis.

When planning your pool landscaping, make sure you consider:

  1. Use of surrounding space – If you want to have plenty of space for dining and relaxing on beach chairs, then make sure you include plans for a good patio, possibly with an outdoor kitchen. If you want to feel like you’re in nature, then consider adding lots of trees and greenery near your pool.
  2. Shelter – You’ll likely want a spot that can provide shade to guests who aren’t swimming or need a little reprieve from the sun. Consider what options you have to make sure this is available.
  3. Coordination with your home – What style is your home? Pools can be made to look as modern and contemporary or traditional as you want, depending on what suits your needs and works with your home design.

Some fun trends to consider when planning your pool landscaping:

  • Stone pavers create pretty places to put outdoor tables.
  • Stained concrete creates contrast and interest.
  • Diverse plants help add color and dimension
  • Interesting lighting can make your pool beautiful after dark.
  • Outdoor bars make a fun and convenient place to grab a refreshing drink.

When you’re ready to start making plans for your new pool and pool landscaping, call us at Backyard Paradise and Restoration. Our expert pool designers can help you create a beautiful and functional space that you’re sure to love.