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change the look of your patio
Your back patio can be a beautiful place where family and friends gather together to eat, relax, and enjoy being outside together. If your back patio is not living up to your dreams, consider letting us at Backyard Paradise and Restoration help you with patio renovations. We can help you change the look of your patio with a new patio coating, expanding the space of your existing patio, or we can completely transform the space with a total new look and feel. If you’re ready for patio renovations, here are some of the top trending ideas for you to consider:

  • Tinted concrete-Concrete can be tinted or stained in a wide array of colors, subtle or bold. You can also create patterns or have the concrete poured into stone-like shapes.
  • Pavers-One popular look is interlocking paver stones. They are stronger than concrete and easier to patch seamlessly if you have any problems in the future.
  • Lights-There are several improvements you can make to your patio with lighting. Lights can improve the safety, security, and beauty of your patio. You can add pathway lights along walkways, or you can add feature lights to highlight any architectural or landscape focus points. You can also choose a beautiful light fixture to be a focus point all on its own.
  • Adding an outdoor kitchen-One of the most popular trends in patio renovations is adding a backyard kitchen. At Backyard Paradise and Restoration, we can create a beautiful outdoor kitchen so that you can spend more of your time outside with your friends and family.

Whatever your patio dreams may be, our team at Backyard Patio and Restoration wants to help you make them a reality. Call us today to begin your patio renovations.