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At Backyard Paradise and Restoration, we know that few people feel like going swimming in February. However, just because you’re not using your pool during the winter doesn’t mean that you can get away with skipping out on pool maintenance. There are a few simple steps that you can take to keep your pool in good shape this winter so that it will be ready for swimming when the weather warms up, and winter pool covers are a great place to start. Our team at Backyard Paradise and Restoration has put together a list of some of the benefits of using pool covers:

Types of Winter Pool Covers

  • They keep your pool clean. One of the main purposes of a pool cover is to keep dirt and debris out of your pool. The cover also serves to block sunlight, which can feed algae growth and leave you with a slimy mess to deal with before the pool is useable again–using a pool cover will help you avoid this problem.
  • Covers reduce your need for chemicals. Because pool covers help keep the pool clean, they reduce your need to use chemical agents to maintain it. This will save you money on chlorine and other supplies. Also, cutting down on chemical treatments will leave you with pool water that is gentler on the skin, hair, and eyes, which is especially beneficial if you have young kids.
  • They prevent evaporation. Covering your pool when you’re not using it also helps to prevent the pool water from evaporating. If you leave your pool exposed to the air, the water level will naturally rise and fall as rainfall adds water and heat steams it away. Pool covers prevent the water level from sinking during the winter, so you won’t have to wait for rain or pay to fill it back up with your hose.

If you want to reap the benefits of winter pool covers for your own pool, we at Backyard Paradise and Restoration can help you find the right cover for you.