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What to Expect During Your Fiberglass Pool Repair

Fiberglass pools have become an extremely popular choice for residential pools and there are many good reasons for their popularity. They are attractive, low maintenance, and last a long time when cared for properly, making them a very cost-effective choice for people wanting to have a pool at their home. Most fiberglass pools don’t need repairs for at least the first 20 years after they are installed. But accidents happen and if you find yourself in need of fiberglass pool repair, you might want to know more about the process.

Fiberglass pool repair is definitely a job best left to a professional. Matching the exact color of your pool can be a tricky business, especially if you have an unusual or custom choice. Also, a professional can evaluate the condition of your pool and let you know if it is time to refinish your entire pool rather than spending money on a small repair job.

The most common issues that require fiberglass pool repair are cracks and bulges. It will probably not surprise you that the first step for repairing your pool is that it must be drained and dried. This is why the fall or early winter is an ideal time to complete fiberglass pool repair if you typically drain and cover your pool for the winter anyway. Once the pool is drained, it is ready to be inspected for damage. If the damaged area is small, it will be sanded and refinished with a fresh gel coat and fiberglass cloth. If a larger area is cracked, the damaged area may need to be removed and patched.