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pool re-plasteringCommercial swimming pools are generally on a re-plastering schedule of every ten years. But your residential pool does not receive the same amount of traffic or chemicals, nor is it under the same strict guidelines for community pools. So when is it time to consider pool re-plastering for your home pool?

One thing that people tend to notice first is discolorations in their plaster– spots or different color stains coming through due to various mineral deposits, or from piping or other items behind the plaster. These are not necessarily a concern other than from the aesthetic standpoint. They just don’t look pretty. Acid washing is often a precursor to pool re-plastering when such unsightly stains arise, and it can often be sufficient for some time. However, these stains are often a sign of certain build-ups behind the plaster, and they may return again in the same spots.

Depending on the amount of stains or discoloration, it is worth discussing the two options of acid washing or pool re-plastering with us to see which will be of most use to you and your pool. We want to keep your pool looking pristine and inviting. Acid washing also eats away at the top layer of the plaster over time, and thus cannot be the infinite answer. After a time, pool re-plastering will be necessary for even more than the aesthetic look of this lovely water oasis.

A few signs that it might be time to re-plaster might be a bit more obvious. One is if there is cracking and the gunite is showing through. The plaster on your pool serves as a sealant and waterproofing layer behind the structure beneath, and thus if there are cracks or signs of it showing through, this can be damaging to the structure over time, as the waterproofing seal is broken. Another sign is when the plaster begins to feel very rough on your feet and around the pool. This can be a sign that the plaster has finally begun to wear thin, and it will be time for you to give us call.

If you are unsure, feel free to call us at Backyard Paradise and Restoration, and we will be glad to discuss options with you and help you feel secure in the beauty of your own backyard paradise. We can restore it to make it like new!