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Fiberglass Pool RepairFiberglass pools are built to last between 20 to 40 years and often don’t have much need for repairs during the first 20 years because they are so durable. However, incidents can happen when you’re least prepared, and you may still end up needing a repair for your pool. Here’s how to determine the best time to schedule your fiberglass pool repair.

Consider the damage

Before you rush to schedule your fiberglass pool repair, it’s best to take a close look at the damage. If it’s only cosmetic damage, like spider cracks in the gel coating on the fiberglass or a fading color, there’s no real need to rush into a repair. However, issues like leaking or bulging walls are something you will want to repair right away to stop the damage from getting worse.

In the fall or early winter

The best time, if it can wait, to schedule your fiberglass pool repair is during the fall or early winter when you won’t be using your pool anymore. These times are best because the first step of the repair will be draining the pool to get a better look at the damage. If you schedule the repairs for a time when you were going to drain the pool for the season anyway, you can get two things done at once. Also, there’s always a chance that the repair may take longer than expected, so the delay won’t bother you as much if you weren’t planning on using the pool any time soon.