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Will a patio coating really protect your patio?

Whether you have rowdy pets, family gatherings, or even see a good amount of weather in your area, your patio likely takes a beating on a regular basis, and yet you expect it to always be in top condition any time you need it. That’s why a proper protective sealing or coating is so important. Here’s how a patio coating will truly protect your patio, so you can see for yourself that it’s worth it.

  • High-quality coating materials: We at Backyard Paradise and Restoration use high-quality materials for our patio coating services to ensure your patio can withstand any amount of sun or elements, spilt food or beverages, animal roughhousing, or even chlorine or other pool chemicals.
  • Stain-resistant sealant: Our patio coating also acts as a sealant, so not even the deepest red wine or fruit punch can stain your patio anymore. Simply wash it away with some water, and you can enjoy your pristine patio once more.
  • Withstands damage: A regular patio might be damaged in a bad storm or with the sudden change in temperatures, but our patio coating can help your patio withstand cracking, discoloration, and any other damage from the weather or other causes. This also means less patio maintenance on your end.
  • Nonslip: As an added bonus, a patio coating can also make your patio non-slip. That means no more slipping on the pool deck or falling as you rush indoors from a sudden rainstorm.

A good patio coating can last about 10-15 years. That means you can enjoy a beautiful, worry-free patio for as long as the coating lasts. You can give us a call if you would like to learn more.