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In-Ground Pool Covers, Mooresville, NC

Keep your pool safe and clean with in-ground pool covers.

In-Ground Pool Covers in Mooresville, North Carolina

An in-ground pool can be a fun and stunning addition to your home in the Mooresville, North Carolina area.  It’s definitely a step up from an inflatable or portable pool and is sure to gain a lot of attention and usage from your family and friends. As little kids are running around and having a good time in your backyard, it’s important to make sure you have the proper cover for your pool when it’s not in use. In-ground pool covers are supposed to be able to hold up to about 480 pounds. That means if a child or pet wanders onto the cover, the cover will prevent them from falling into the pool and will allow easy access for rescue.

Aside from the safety benefits of in-ground pool covers, these covers help reduce the maintenance needed on your pool. When a cover is installed for your in-ground pool, you can roll up the cover when you want to use the pool and close up the pool when you’re done swimming. This cover will protect your pool during the winter season and act as a barrier for leaves and other debris that might gather around your pool. In-ground pool covers let you keep your pool clean and functional against unpredictable outside elements.

If you want to implement measures of safety and cleanliness for your pool, our team is ready to assist you! Contact us at Backyard Paradise and Restoration today to get started on installing your new pool cover.

At Backyard Paradise and Restoration, we install in-ground pool covers in Lake Norman, Mooresville, Denver, Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, Charlotte, Caldwell, and Mount Mourne, North Carolina.