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Pool Repair, Mooresville, NC Posted by Backyard Paradise and Restoration August 20th, 2023

Pool Repair, Mooresville, NC

We are happy to send someone to evaluate any issues and help you determine if the pool at your Mooresville home requires any pool repairs.

Pool Repair in Mooresville, North Carolina
Well-designed, outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more popular in the Mooresville, North Carolina area. We have such a good climate for spending time outside that most homeowners want to take advantage of the outdoor areas they could use for entertaining. A key feature in many backyards is a swimming pool. Our summers get warm enough that it’s one of the best ways to enjoy fun with family and friends without having to be stuck inside. A pool also allows you to enjoy being outside without having to be hot and uncomfortable.

If you already have a pool or will be installing one sometime in the future, make sure you’re taking good care of it. Pools are an investment, and if you neglect them, it can lead to costly damage and extensive repairs.

At Backyard Paradise and Restoration, we find that if you carefully maintain your pool and address pool repairs right away, it will cost a lot less over time. You will also feel a lot less frustration and be able to enjoy your pool much more if it is being cared for appropriately.

Pool repairs may include fixing the liner or replacing it. They may require that the pool pump and water filters be fixed and/or fixing areas around the pool. As you clean and use your pool, make sure to call us about any pool repairs that you suspect need to be done as soon as possible. We are happy to send someone to evaluate any issues and help you determine if the pool at your Mooresville home requires any pool repairs.

FAQs About Pool Repair

We are proud to be the pool contractor you can turn to when you need repairs for your pool. With our experience and skills, we are confident that we can resolve whatever issues your pool is currently experiencing. And because we want to offer you peace of mind and useful information, we have answered some frequently asked questions about pool repairs.

What are some common signs I need pool repair?

Most signs that you need pool repairs are fairly evident. If you see cracks in its structure, the water level dropping too quickly, cloudy water, or sunken areas on your pool deck or you hear strange noises, these are all signs that you should have a professional come out to check your pool and provide repairs after diagnosing the issue. You can count on our experienced team to diagnose your pool’s problems accurately and resolve them thoroughly.

Are there pool repairs I can do myself?

We don’t recommend that you attempt pool repairs on your own. Minor repairs, like fixing hairline cracks, might be okay to do with a store-bought kit for a short-term solution, but by and large, pool repairs should always be done by a professional for safety reasons.

Why is my pool equipment making strange noises?

If you hear weird noises coming from your pool equipment, a few things could be wrong. Grinding or squealing noises coming from your pool pumps could mean the bearings are worn out. If you hear rattling noises, it likely means some components have become loose, while buzzing noises could mean something is blocking the impeller. Strange noises usually warrant a visit from one of our professionals to diagnose the specific issue and offer a solution.



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