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Vinyl Pool Builder, Mooresville, NC

Get a quality pool from our vinyl pool builders.

Vinyl Pool Builder in Mooresville, North Carolina

Pools are fun addition to your home. Out of the three common types of pool materials (concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl), vinyl pools are one of the most popular and the most affordable type of pools. Unfortunately, though, it’s not that simple to install one. You can’t simply dig a hole in your backyard and fill it up with water! To ensure that your future pool will be safe, clean, and of the highest quality, you need a reliable and reputable vinyl pool builder.

That’s where we come in. Here in the Mooresville, North Carolina area, our company’s services encompass a lot of repairs and renovations in the backyard. That expertise extends to pool work, which includes pool building, repairing, installing, and replacing. Because of our experience, we are more than capable to take on the role of a qualified and professional vinyl pool builder.

We know that building a new swimming pool can seem stressful and a lot of work, but that’s why we’re here to assume the responsibilities as a contractor. Once we go over the plans for your vinyl pool with you, we can help you decide what size and shape you want your pool to be. From there, we’ll start the process of laying out the groundwork and installing the steel framework, electrical and water systems, and tiling into the new hole that we’ve dug. When we’ve added the last coat of paint and finished fixing up your yard, you’ll be amazed with your new pool and the transformation of your backyard.

When you’re ready to hire a vinyl pool builder, give us a call at Backyard Paradise and Restoration!

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