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Fiberglass Pools, Lake Norman, NC

When it comes to fiberglass pools, there’s a reason why we’re known as a premier pool designer throughout Lake Norman.

Fiberglass Pools in Lake Norman, North Carolina

Fiberglass Pools in Lake Norman – You’ve decided to make the leap and invest in a new swimming pool. After researching different types of pools and coming across fiberglass pools, you’re anxious to have your new pool installed in your backyard as soon as possible. At Backyard Paradise and Restoration, we can help with this project and ultimately design and install a pool in your backyard that you’ll be happy with for many warm, sunny days to come.

One of the main reasons why we recommend fiberglass pools is because they’re easy to maintain. Although all swimming pools require some level of maintenance, fiberglass pools only require a few minutes a week to keep in great condition. Fiberglass pools also boast smooth surfaces that make swimming and playing more enjoyable, and they are easy to install. They are an easy choice for first-time pool owners or busy families.

There are always a few important considerations with any pool installation, and including the placement, design and size. As we work to add a pool to your backyard, we’ll make sure all of these factors are planned for accordingly. For example, we’ll make sure your pool is situated comfortably on your lawn, that you have plenty of room for landscaping, and that your finished pool looks great as part of your property and with your home.

While some pool builders focus on building the pool and leaving homeowners to do the rest, at Backyard Paradise and Restoration, we are committed to being your full-service pool company. Any time you are installing a swimming pool, whether it is fiberglass or something else, we’ll make sure you have a complete picture of what your backyard will look like. It’s important to us that you get great results from beginning to end.

We’d be more than happy to show you our portfolio of fiberglass pools, so you get a better feel for our design capabilities and installation work.

As you browse our portfolio, please let us know what features and designs you like and which ones you’re not a fan of, so we have a starting point for your new pool. Once this part of the process is complete, we can get to work customizing design plans for your pool. During every pool construction project, our owner is on-site to be sure you are informed and satisfied with the job. We will also provide recommendations and suggestions for the necessary upkeep of your fiberglass pool, so you have worry-free days in the summer. You may also wish to ask us about other outdoor renovations we can provide so you truly have the ideal outdoor living space in Lake Norman. You may love having us add an outdoor kitchen or provide patio renovations that really make your backyard stand out!

When it comes to fiberglass pools, there’s a reason why we’re known as a premier pool designer throughout Lake Norman, North Carolina. We look forward to helping you bring your outdoor living space to life! Contact us at Backyard Paradise and Restoration today to find out more!

At Backyard Paradise and Restoration, we install fiberglass pools in Lake Norman, Mooresville, Denver, Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, Charlotte, Caldwell, and Mount Mourne, North Carolina.

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