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Pool Contractor, Lake Norman, NC Posted by Backyard Paradise and Restoration June 9th, 2022

Pool Contractor, Lake Norman, NC

Need a pool contractor in Lake Norman who does everything from design to maintenance? Look no further!

Pool Contractor in Lake Norman, North Carolina
If you think needing a separate pool contractor for installation, maintenance, and repairs is a problem, here at Backyard Paradise and Restoration, we have the solution – we do it all! We can design the ultimate pool for you, install it, and then be there for you every step of the way in the future when it needs any care.

Our in-ground pools are crafted and installed to exacting standards, so repairs are not something you’ll need to worry about for many years; however, we can help you with repairs if you have an older pool that needs some help to look nice again. We can restore ugly pools, so you can avoid the cost of removing it and putting in a new one. Options include resurfacing, remodeling, pool liners, and full restorations.

Much of keeping a pool in top condition involves weekly pool maintenance, and as your full-service pool contractors, we can help you with that, as well. We have a lot of experience in the pool industry, so we are confident we can help you with all your pool needs. In addition, we go further than any other pool contractor serving the Lake Norman, North Carolina area because we make the area around your pool special, too. Our backyard designs and outdoor renovations, with features such as an outdoor kitchen and patio, will provide you the ideal location for entertaining, having fun with family, and unwinding at the end of the day.

“Backyard Paradise” may be our name, but it is also our passion. We look forward to serving as your pool contractor and providing you the paradise of your dreams.

FAQs We Get as Pool Contractors

As pool contractors, we often get lots of questions about our services. Getting answers to those questions is important for you to get the pool of your dreams. But since many clients ask us a few of the same questions, we thought it best to address some of them here.

How can I save money on my pool?

We understand that pools are expensive, but we can talk things over with you to ensure you can stay within a reasonable budget when designing your pool. The obvious option is to choose a smaller pool since a larger one requires more materials and labor. Another tip is to choose more affordable materials. For example, vinyl is less expensive than fiberglass. You can also pass on extra accessories you don’t need.

How long does it take for a pool contractor to finish a pool?

This will depend on the specific type and size of your pool. Some pools, like fiberglass pools, don’t take as long as others to install, but others may take as long as 12 weeks. It’s best to ask a pool contractor what the timeline is for your pool in particular and then plan ahead.

What sets you apart from other pool contractors?

We have years of experience, and we are dedicated to quality work. We demonstrate our care by having our owner present at every job and communicating with you about how we can best meet your goals for your pool. In addition, where another pool contractor may install your pool and leave it at that, we go further. We can maintain and repair your pool as needed, and we also offer outdoor renovations that will make your pool look even better.

At Backyard Paradise and Restoration, our pool contractor proudly serve Lake Norman, Mooresville, Denver, Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, Charlotte, Caldwell, and Mount Mourne, North Carolina.